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Tips and tricks

Here you will find useful advice on finding the right opportunity and developing your career.

Tips for a killer CV

A CV is nothing more than a shorthand sketch of your academic and professional history...

Interesting articles

Checklist for a job interview

CPIMAGE:2598|job interview

You can’t improvise at a job interview! Prepare properly and make sure you don’t forget anything. Follow the StepStone checklist.

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Never lie in your CV

CPIMAGE:2617|lie CV

Even if the temptation is great, stay honest in your CV. A tiny lie can have serious consequences… StepStone explains why

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Preparing for your first day at work

CPIMAGE:2604|first day work

Right, so you’ve been hired. The first day at work is vitally important. StepStone explains how to make a good impression. Find out how.

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Looking for a job? Move with the times!


It is impossible to think of a life without the internet and a smartphone… New technologies abound. Know how to use them wisely to apply for a job with the help of StepStone.

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